Industry Plastic packaging Description Proenfar is a leading provider of packaging solutions and plastic devices for the pharmaceutical and... SEE MORE
Industry Oil & Gas services Description

Summum was formed as a result of the merger of Production Testing Services, Gomez Cajiao, PTA, an... SEE MORE

Industry Mining services Description

Semiglo is a local specialized underground mining services contractor that provides services asso... SEE MORE

Industry Energy Description TermoYopal is a gas -thermal power generator with installed capacity of 109 MW. Its operations are l... SEE MORE
Industry Financial services Description Credi-Q is a leading specialized auto financing company with operations in El Salvador, Costa Rica a... SEE MORE
Industry Logistics Description

Saturno provides specialized transportation and logistics services to mine operators and mineral ... SEE MORE

Industry Water services Description Valrex is a Colombian leading water services company with a full suite of integrated water solutions... SEE MORE
Industry Logistics services Description AUSA is a logistics services provider specialized in customs intermediation, transportation and dry ... SEE MORE
Industry Information technology Description Founded in 1984, Sapia is the largest local provider of Information Technology (IT) solutions in Per... SEE MORE
Industry Specialty retail Description Prosalon is a leading cosmetics and beauty products specialty retailer with operations in Colombia. ... SEE MORE
Industry Port and maritime logistics infrastructure Description Founded in 1958, the Coremar Group is a leading maritime logistics services and infrastructure provi... SEE MORE
Industry Energy Description Termovalle is a thermal power generation company in Colombia, operating a combined cycle gas-fired g... SEE MORE
Industry Specialized Logistics Description Acoinsa is the market leader in the oversized and specialized land transport, heavy lifts, and on-si... SEE MORE
Industria Ambiental
Industry Environmental Services Description Industria Ambiental is the leading industrial waste management service provider in Colombia. It offe... SEE MORE
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Industria Ambiental