Altra’s disciplined, value-oriented

investment strategy takes into consideration and seeks to capitalize on the challenges associated with acquiring, managing, and exiting private equity investments in the region.

Altra leverages its team’s unique combination of skills and experience to proactively target situations that, due to their complexity, are expected to provide opportunities to acquire high potential businesses for attractive prices.

Altra’s investment strategy seeks to maximize returns while mitigating risk by:


  • Focusing efforts in the search of midcap businesses that possess unique capabilities and sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Acquiring companies that have significant potential for improved profitability and growth.
  • Seeking for a value-oriented approach to acquisition pricing and a prudent approach to leverage.
  • Recruiting, incentivizing, and partnering with talented management teams to identify and deploy detailed operational, financial, and strategic initiatives designed to help portfolio companies reach their full potential.
  • Consistently developing well-defined exit strategies prior to investing.